Muster 2020 Planning Mtg Minutes

Minutes from the NOCO Texas A&M Muster Meeting – 1-22-2020

Location: Aspen Grove Conference Room
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Attendees: Richard Foster (President)/Cheryl, Jaime Cawthron (Muster Chair), Bobby Cawthron (Treasurer), Rachel Souders (Muster Auction Chair)/Jeremy, Sterling Myers, Susan Stabler, Jared Clinkscales (Webmaster)

President, Richard Foster, called meeting to order at 7:03.
New Items:
Treasury – Bobby Cawthron is Treasurer. Richard and Bobby will be on signature card at First Bank.
Current Balance: $3,797
Thanks – Richard thanked the following people for their service of last year: Joe Palieri (past president and use of The Garden Room since ’17), Connie Shero (treasurer since ’16), Troy/Cindy Sockler (Muster Chair, decorating, silent auction), Emily Sockler (Muster IT), Rachel Souders (Silent Auction), Jared Clinkscales (email and website), Sterling Myers (past skits and Energizer bunny for many years). When asked, Jaime volunteered to write a note of thanks to these people; however, later Richard has asked Jaime to wait on writing, and he will mention publicly at later date
TAMU vs CU – Richard announced this game will be in Boulder September 11, 2021. Some discussion on how to involve ourselves with other A&M clubs in the area. The following contacts will be made:Rachel will contact Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction clubs; Cawthrons will contact Pikes Peak Club; Sterling will contact Wyoming. We will wait on any information from the University regarding activities planned for this game.
Scholarship for NoCo student(s) – Discussion on potentially giving a scholarship to one or more students from our Northern Colorado area. Decision on how much, criteria and selection process to follow. Jaime will check with the NoCo A&M Recruiter for names/ideas.
Dues – Past dues have been $25 for individual $40 for family. After some discussion, this decision was tabled.
*Location for 2020 Muster is Drake Centre, 802 W Drake, Fort Collins
*Jaime has our Muster registered with, requesting free Muster Invitations
*Time: 6:00-10:00 (contingent upon further contact with Drake Centre)
*Cost: $800/4 hours
*Main Street Catering – Jaime has list of questions for catering contact and will report at next meeting.
*After motions and discussion, it was decided to charge for attending the dinner & Muster:
$27 After April 15th – $30
• Possible further discussion on “discount” for Dues Paying Members
• Caterer reports that we paid $22.07 per person “out the door” in 2019
*Entertainment – Jared volunteered to entertain/comedy/singing
*Rachel Souders agreed to be Muster Auction Chair.
It was motioned and passed to spend “what we did last year” on items for baskets/single items. Rachel will coordinate this. Richard encouraged the committee to help solicit items/people/businesses for auction possibilities
*Cheryl will contact Emily Sockler regarding IT assistance as last year
*Fosters will collect Muster Tubs and give to Jaime by next meeting
Respectfully submitted, Cheryl Foster